Community Report

Our Community Report highlights some of the achievements of the Myron Stratton Home over the past year.

Community Report

Our “Community Report” highlights some of the achievements of the Myron Stratton Home over the past year.

Our Seniors Program continues to offer accommodations in both independent living cottages and apartments and assisted living residence to very–low income seniors in a warm, pleasant environment. The Home’s total capacity is 113 seniors. Winfield House, the only facility in the region totally dedicated to those who qualify for Medicaid, provided 8,563 days of service to our seniors, an 86% occupancy rate in 2018. Our independent living program provided 29,960 days of service, a 98% occupancy rate. On a daily basis approximately 106 residents enjoy the serenity and comfort that the Home has to offer.

Our Grants Program, an extension of our philanthropy to the greater Pikes Peak Region, awarded $468,500 in grants to 32 agencies in 2018. These grants expanded each agency’s capacity to serve critical human service needs of low income seniors, families and children.

The Stratton Consortium, consisting of Peak Vista Community Health Centers, Partners in Housing, TESSA and the Myron Stratton Home celebrated its eighth year anniversary. By locating these agencies on the Home’s campus, the Home as able to expand its mission and vision to serve poor single mothers with children who are in need or crisis and working toward self-sufficiency. A true collaborative spirit has evolved with each of these agencies working together to serve this very vulnerable population. The Consortium provided services to over 20,000 individuals in 2018 on our campus.

As we look to the future, we continue to reflect on the timeless mission of the Myron Stratton Home – caring for those less fortunate with compassion and dignity. It has been our passion since Winfield Scott Stratton wrote his will at the turn of the 20th century.

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