Mission Statement

In his will, Winfield Scott Stratton left a legacy to provide for poor persons who are without means of support and who are physically unable by reason of old age, youth sickness or other infirmity to earn a livelihood. The Myron Stratton Home carries out his wishes by providing housing, programs, services, and grants to improve the quality of life of those less fortunate.


For a century, The Myron Stratton Home has offered a comfortable, safe place to live to older persons with a limited income.


Those who need more assistance with the tasks of daily life may prefer the assisted living facility at Winfield House.


Through direct grants and collaborative programs, the Myron Stratton Foundation provides financial support to other community organizations that serve the populations Stratton identified in his will.

Organizational Values

Dignity of All People

We believe in the dignity of all people and design programs and services which elevate the human spirit and the human condition.

Responsive to Needs

We strive to be responsive to the dynamic and constantly changing needs of the poor through creative and effective solutions to community problems.

Treat With Kindness

We are committed to treating all with whom we interface – those we serve, members of our community and our employees – with kindness, fairness and respect.

Grow Financial Endowments

We are committed to preserving and growing the financial endowment left by Winfield Scott Stratton through intelligent and responsible financial stewardship.

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