Statement of Purpose

In addition to operating residential facilities and services for the elderly poor of Colorado at The Myron Stratton Home, the other significant aspect of Stratton’s philanthropy is carried out through the Myron Stratton Foundation’s Grants Program. Through direct grants and collaborative programs, financial support is provided to organizations that serve the populations Stratton identified in his will, namely, the poor elderly, poor children and their families, and those who are sick/infirm and unable to earn a living.

Application Information
Grants are awarded twice each year. These dates are available by reviewing the Grant Making Timeframes page on this website. Proposed projects should be designed to enhance or expand existing programs, or be presented as new programs that help meet community needs. Collaborative projects that avoid duplication of other services in the community are a high priority.

Applications are reviewed and grants awarded by the Myron Stratton Foundation Board of Trustees within the policy guidelines included here. All distributions must meet the definition of a “qualifying distribution” as set forth in Section 4942 (g) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended, or applicable provisions of other federal tax laws.

Eligibility Criteria

Please reference the Self-Assessment Tool available on this website to review our requirements for funding and determine your organization’s eligibility to apply for a Grant from the Myron Stratton Foundation.

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